Farm Table Tiramisu At Otto's Market & Olde Hudson!!

We have very exciting news for this Memorial Day Weekend!!! 

Farm Table Tiramisu will now be available at your local Hudson Valley grocery stores!  
Starting this weekend you will be able to purchase Farm Table's Tiramisu at our very favorite local markets,  Otto's Market in Germantown, NY as well as Olde Hudson in Hudson, NY.  Both of these fine grocers sell the best in local and gourmet food products and we are so pleased to be in the freezer with such local favorites as Janes Ice Cream from Kingston.  Our Tiramisu will be available in single portions as well as party size and we will be selling it Saturday's at the Hudson Farm Market from 9-1pm.  As a reminder for your Memorial Weekend BBQ, we are still accepting customs sized orders for larger parties!
We want to share the the proper steps to serving Farm Table's Tiramisu 'Fancy Style' as your favorite delectable dessert!

1. Open lid of frozen individual sized Farm Table Tiramisu

2. Gaze down at the mouthwatering Tiramisu

3. Turn it upside down and apply pressure in the center to "pop" your Tiramisu out

4. Catch your delicious Farm Table Tiramisu in your hand

5. Place your Tiramisu properly on your beautiful serving dish

6. Let sit 1hr to defrost and enjoy the best Tiramisu ever with style!
Or Plan B: Do as we do and eat casually from the container and love each spoonful!

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