We are going to the Beach!

We just want to let you know that we will not be in service from Tues. 28th thru Sun. 2nd.  

We're going to the Beach!!!!

Tiramisu, Tiramisu, Tiramisu!!!

The best Sicilian Chefs!  Gianni's parents
It has been a lovely Summer and we are enjoying it to the fullest!  Gianni and Sunny went on a wonderful culinary adventure in Sicily, learning many new family recipes.  The favorite was the backyard olives-fresh picked, cracked and marinated with mint and balsamic-AMAZING!

Here in NY, we have been super busy with the Farm Table Supper Club, Private Chef Drop Off Meals, the farm market and TIRAMISU!!!  It seems as though people cannot get enough Tiramisu! 
One of my favorite recent quotes was from a father defining Gianni's Tiramisu to his 3yr old daughter.
"Ada, you know what Tiramisu means? YUMMMMM......"You can now find Gianni's amazing Farm Table Tiramisu at the following locations:
Otto's Market, Germantown, NY
Olde Hudson, Hudson, NY
Hudson Farm Market (Saturday's only)
The Berry Farm, Chatham, NY
Real Food Market CO-OP, Chatham, NY Gianni will be here this friday with free samples at 4pm!
And the next two batches will be delivered to the following: 
Migliorelli Farm Stands, Red Hook & Rhinebeck, NY
Adams Fairacre Farms, Kingston, NY
...with more more coming soon.
The reason Gianni's Tiramisu is so amazing is the best quality local ingredients, his special family recipe, and that every single portion is completely hand made.  He really folds the ingredients by hand!
Taking away the pits and cracking the olives

Sunny loves these olives and loves doing "jobs"

A wedding cake Gianni's father made for his daughters wedding, every flower and leaf is hand made in sugar, he always amazes.