Hudson Valley Buff Brahma Bantam Chickens

We just got four new Buff Brahma Chickens!!!!  Yah!!!!  These sweet little chirping babies came to us from our friends wonderful batch of chickens.  They are so sweet, jumping around and enjoying to be picked up and snuggled by the little kiddos.  We are so excited because this means that in a few months all our food will be prepared with fresh eggs from our very own Buff Brahma Bantam chickens.  Gianni built the most amazing chicken coop inside one of the old barns on our property.  This barn we believe is the oldest structure on our land, it still has the slate roof and Gianni found the most beautiful lock inside which we used for the outside door.  When I first met Gianni in Florence, Italy in 97' we went to the market and I convinced him we needed to buy baby chickens.  I couldn't get past how cute they were.  We brought them home to the apartment and after about a month we realized we needed to find a friend with a farm quickly.  Luckily our friends were happy to have the chickens, and not because they were so cute but because they we're so yummy.  Now, fifteen years later we have a new batch of sweet chickens and this time we have the right home to raise them in, here in the Hudson Valley.

Sunny feeding the chickens out of his hand
Gianni 15yrs ago with our little chickens in our apartment in Florence.  I remember this time and its amazing to me that here we are 15yrs later with our son holding our chickens, who knew then!!!