Farm Table Tiramisu At Otto's Market & Olde Hudson!!

We have very exciting news for this Memorial Day Weekend!!! 

Farm Table Tiramisu will now be available at your local Hudson Valley grocery stores!  
Starting this weekend you will be able to purchase Farm Table's Tiramisu at our very favorite local markets,  Otto's Market in Germantown, NY as well as Olde Hudson in Hudson, NY.  Both of these fine grocers sell the best in local and gourmet food products and we are so pleased to be in the freezer with such local favorites as Janes Ice Cream from Kingston.  Our Tiramisu will be available in single portions as well as party size and we will be selling it Saturday's at the Hudson Farm Market from 9-1pm.  As a reminder for your Memorial Weekend BBQ, we are still accepting customs sized orders for larger parties!
We want to share the the proper steps to serving Farm Table's Tiramisu 'Fancy Style' as your favorite delectable dessert!

1. Open lid of frozen individual sized Farm Table Tiramisu

2. Gaze down at the mouthwatering Tiramisu

3. Turn it upside down and apply pressure in the center to "pop" your Tiramisu out

4. Catch your delicious Farm Table Tiramisu in your hand

5. Place your Tiramisu properly on your beautiful serving dish

6. Let sit 1hr to defrost and enjoy the best Tiramisu ever with style!
Or Plan B: Do as we do and eat casually from the container and love each spoonful!

Field Planting Party in Germantown

This weekend we had the great pleasure of attending our neighbors Field planting party.  Our neighbors (literally just across the street!) Dana & Michael Eudy along with their children Cy & Frances moved from NYC to Germantown last year with the great dream and ambition of starting an herb farm and apothecary on wheels!  Yes, soon those food trucks will have competition with an herbal apothecary serving potions, tonics, teas, treats and lots of love.

They held their first planting party, which entailed teaching us how to transplant precious little seedlings into their next home before being put in to the ground.  Many of their seeds are of exotic origin along with heirloom variety medicinal plants.  Their planting practice and knowledge is all sustainable and organic. 

The party was incredible fun, followed by a delicious pot luck lunch in the barn. We brought Roasted Potatoes & Sweet Onions with Homemade Aoili on the side, which was super yummy amongst other delectable spring dishes and Fields amazing herbal tea's and basil lemonade.

Our wonderful community is filled to the brim with loving-supportive-creative people here in Germantown, NY.  Stay tuned for exciting upcoming news: Farm Table and Field are planning some special collaborative projects, to be announced in the near future.....
Below are some pictures of fun in the field!
Journalist Ann Marie Gardnerr beautiful and happy after a fun day and feast.

Artist Melorah Kuhn makes dirt mixing snazzy

Field owner, founder, dreamer Dana Eudy & Rachel Hyman-Rouse
Other Field owner, founder, dreamer, artist Michael Eudy instructing Martina Arfwidson of Face Stockholm in seedling division, it is really tricky!

Martina is the cutest planter ever!

Of course the kids worked on forts and slip and slides while the parents worked in the field.
Adorable Frances, the youngest Field family member
Our Sunny Bear with darling Ada daughter of writer Rebecca Godfrey


Hudson Farm Market Weekend Again!!!

Gianni will be at the Hudson Farm Market again this Saturday, May 11th from 9-1pm.  Last week was a wonderful first week, Gianni sold out of the amazing Roasted Eggplant Parmesan and this week is returning with more as well as larger portions of Tiramisu per customer requests. He will also be bringing along a special vegan soup, so get there early!  This is what Hudson artist Gretchen Kelly said about Gianni's famous Tiramisu: "for anyone who has never had Gianni's Tiramisu- you will die and go to heaven while eating it!!! it is a MUST TRY!"

Gianni will be set up again with Anna Dawson (Anna's A+ Meals), we are sharing the booth with her at the Hudson Farmers Market.

We have posted a new menu for next weekends Farm Table Supper Club, check it out and make sure to place your orders by Tuesday.


Hudson Farm Market This Weekend!!!!

We're off to the market!!!  Come find us this Saturday at the Hudson Farmers MarketFarm Table (us!) will be sharing a table with Anna Dawson from Hometown Foods.  Anna is the sweetest and most enthusiastic woman,  we are lucky to know her and rent her commercial kitchen. 

This week we will be offering our Tiramisu in individual servings and also the most delicious Eggplant Parmigiana for 4-6 people.  Both items are frozen for take away convenience and can be defrosted at your leisure.

Get there early to taste some delicious free samples!!!  If your interested in larger Tiramisu portions please contact us by Thursday morning.  Gianni will also be taking orders at the market for next week.

We will be there from 9am-1pm. The market is at 6th & Columbia in Hudson, NY.

 Yummy-Yummy Tiramisu to go!!!!