We are excited to announce that we are winners of the 2014 BEST OF THE HUDSON VALLEY!!!
We won best Tiramisu!!!  The 2014 list is not up yet-we will surely post it as soon as its up!  For those of you that have had the opportunity to try some, you understand why we are winners--because its so dang YUMMY!!!!  We are thrilled and honored to be amongst so many wonderful vendors, creators, and makers of the Valley, HURRAY!!!!

Kiki Smith and Valerie Hammond Reception at the Plum Bronson House

Artist Table

Farm Table Radish Bites

We were delighted to prepare the hors d'oevres for the fabulous Kiki Smith and Valerie Hammond exhibit at the historical Plum Bronson house in Hudson, NY.  A memorable occasion.  Kiki Smith has long time been one of my most favorite women artists alive today.  For this special event, we created simple, elegant bite sized hors d'oevres that focused on local taste.

Farm Table Roasted Eggplant, Mint & Goat Cheese

Deviled Quail Eggs